Friday, 24 May 2013

Bring It On !

So much has been going on over the last 5-6wks. Some good some bad. I've had most of the day off today, the first time I've had any time to myself over this period and I've spent most of it asleep through sheer exhaustion although I have been sleeping next to my work phone and bookings diary because next week the chaos begins, well I hope it does because I need to earn some money. Let me explain.

Last year I did a job down on the harbour selling fishing trips to holiday makers and I absolutely loved it. I posted about it last year with a few pics,  Interpretations & ramblings etc.: Anyone for fishing ?: Well last year I was working for one boat which meant the money wasn't that good but I enjoyed it so much I didn't care. This year I've been given the opportunity to work for five boats, it puts the job into a completely different realm plus I'll be on a good rate of commission not a day rate. It's been a quite a struggle winning over the five skippers (two in particular), I've invested most of my free time and been working  for very little over the last three weeks but I see it as an investment which if works out will be rewarding in many ways.

Well that's the good bit now for the bad. Up until 6wks ago I'd been unemployed not using much but lapsing regularly every 2-3wks. One of my local pubs asked me to decorate the exterior of their building which turned out to be 2 and a half weeks work. After the worst winter I can remember financially as well as a lot of personal negativity/depression I  ended up binging on heroin and valium plus there was alcohol often being thrown into the mix. I have a few memory losses from that period and on one occasion I was found collapsed in the lanes off of the high st. by a friend who took me back to his place until I was fit enough to make it home. I live in a small town and my past/present is no real secret, this is one of the reasons I've had such a battle proving myself worthy of this new job. I realised I was going to fuck up big time if I carried on and that the job I was lusting after would be history, so I've pulled myself together. Haven't taken valium for about 2wks and haven't had heroin for a week. I'm drinking a couple or three pints in the evening but taking the occasional night off tonight being one.

This new job involves taking bookings over the phone during the days and evenings as well as this I have to work out timetables for the many different kinds of trips and they have to be worked out around the tide time table so I need to have my head screwed on. Our harbour is on the Bristol channel which has the 2nd highest tide in the world 10 meters plus we have an almost all tidal port but not quite so I'm having to do a lot of work getting my head around it all.

I remember how much I enjoyed myself and how happy I was last year. It will either work or it wont but I've known all along my future would be working and interacting with people, so for now I'm going to commit myself and see how it all works out.