Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Another Day On The Quay

28 days in a row, 10-12hrs a day. and it' gonna start getting really busy any day now. Not done too much heroin lately although I am coming down off of  a lengthy  binge that went on for 4-8wks ? I'm pretty sure I'd pass a tox screen right now if required but I wouldn't want to put money on it staying that way.  The hours maybe long and days off are a thing of the past , there's plenty of stress and bitching going on but despite that this job can be rewarding and I'm enjoying it.. My bills are paid, I've got money in the bank and I've even started stashing cash away in a little hidy hole which is a complete novelty for me.

I've done little else but work solidly for the last few months and it's been quite a battle proving I'm up to this job. They didn't really want me to start with but they don't want to lose me now. It's 6am so I need to start gettiing ready for another day on the quay.

Every day is a good day at the moment and I'm sure the best is yet to come !