Friday, 29 November 2013

Once more with Feeling

All of a sudden I find myself looking back at six gear free weeks. There was no conscious decision made, no declarations, no hitting "rock bottom", it just kind of happened. There have been plenty of opportunities to use, I could go right now and be back within the hour. It's been so spontaneous there's still a bag full of needles and citric along with a blackened spoon stuffed away in a drawer.

There's been no cravings or wild mood swing, I'm not particularly overflowing with joy at the moment but that's just the roller coaster of life. This is a new road I'm travelling upon, there is an element that sets it apart from previous paths . It's all about choice and understanding behaviour, it's like I've stepped out of darkness and into the light.

It's taken nearly 20yrs and a lot of heart ache to get here. I've been to hell and back several times but in the end all it needed was a choice made with conviction.