Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Went to the council office yesterday to pay off the last £32- of my council tax bill.

" I'd like to pay the rest of my bill please"

"Ok Karl, How much would you like to pay ?"

"It's 32 quid something, that's what the letter said. I'm sure the computer will tell you"

"Ah yes there's an instalment of £32:99"

"What do you mean instalment ?"

"£32:99 & then £204:00 payable by March 31st"

"Wait a minute ! Doesn't the £32 come off of the £204"

"No sorry"

"SHIT"   Oh well I suppose I can manage that.   That was until today when I decided to open one of the letters that's been sitting on my doormat for the last week.
You entitlement to Housing Benefit ended 16/12/2013.
Overpayment of 3weeks = £270- owed.

Oh Dear.
I've only been using since Christmas. Weekend junkiedom Fri-Sun. Working seems to cost me more than being on the damn dole. At the moment I'm only earning about £80- per week more than I'd receive in unemployment benefits & after a lot of wasted time contemplating this conundrum I decided "What the fuck" At least it gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning, So what if it's cold & I've got to stand around in the rain & wind all day ? It could be worse (a lot worse), I could be laying in bed complaining I've got fuck all to do !

I hope that was the worst of the news laying on the doormat

"There's no way to delay that trouble coming every day." Thanks Frank.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Today, yesterday & tomorrow. So many things to do and I'm not sure what it is that's stopping me from doin'em, maybe I just don't want to.

1997  26th Jan    4:45am.  Somewhere very close to the centre of Bristol.
Shit that's snow out there ! Right. Telly on,  kettle on, spoon at the ready, just gotta get this hit sorted then it's breakfast, make sandwiches, pump up tyre, & Cribbs Causeway here I come.

1997  25th Jan   12;15  A recruitment agency somewhere south of the river.
" The tray wash ! Cribbs ! Is that all you got ?
"Yes Karl ! Do you know the place ? 6:00am. tomorrow morning, wear your steel toecap boots and they'll provide the hi~viz."
"I'll be there"
 .....Do I know the place ? ....  The agencies are the last port of call. I'd been surfing them for the last 2years

1995   21st. June   7:30pm. Somewhere in North Bristol.
Mum: "Oh that's great ! And you're starting tonight."
  " Yeah I've got the night shift"
Dad " I'll give you a lift, you can stick your bike in the back of the car"
"Thanks Dad"

1995  21st June 9:45pm.Cribbs Causeway Safeway RRU. 
Dad "Good luck Karl"
" Thanks Dad "

1995  22nd June 6:01am Cribbs Safeway RRU
Trevor " See you tonight Karl. Don't worry, it gets easier"
" Cheers Trev "
EASIER ! Well it couldn't get much fucking worse.. Ever !!!!

But it did ! And I went back a few times before my 6month stint where I worked my way up to being a charge hand.

1997 27th Jan  5:20am.  Somewhere near the centre of Bristol
Headphones on, light roll up, bump the kerb & here we go, coming up shortly is the first of the "fuck off hills" which takes me up to the downs, which is a flat for a mile then it's a long down hill stretch which takes me into the 2nd of the "fuck off hills" then it's a nice glide down into the half a "fuck off hill" round the round about, a short downhill run, a left turn, through the carpark, dump the bike, deal with the clock card and if the universe has been compliant there's enough time for a coffee & a fag.

The 8mile cycle ride was a bit of a chore, but with the right music in the head phones it became more of a ritual which was far from unpleasant, there was many a time that I resented having to slow down at the gates, dismount the bike, turn the music off & clock in, when all I wanted to do was keep on peddling !

2014 27th Jan  8:45pm Sat in front of the computer with a can of Brew.
Well so much for staying dry this week. My left calf has been throbbing all day because of a rather angry abcess
....... Roll on..... Tomorrow