Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sometimes I cry !

My daughter moved in with me on Tuesday and if everything works out she'll be staying for the Summer season working for me on the Quay. She's seems quite up for it but only time will tell if she's up to it. I have every faith that she is but then I would wouldn't I. After living on my own in this flat for the past 6-7 yrs it's quite an adjustment having my 20yr old daughter move in and become part of my day to day life. She was only three when I split up with her mother and I've only really seen her and her sisters a few times a year since then so this is such a wonderful opportunity for me to spend some good quality time with her.  

Harbour politics are so rife at the moment I'm having serious doubts about next years season, I made up my mind not to get involved with any of it this year but how can I not when it's starting to affect the money that goes into my pocket. As much as I love the job, there's no way I'm doing it for free.The harbour is like a little micro image of the world around us, "same people, just different faces" It's the same where ever you work be it a factory,a  warehouse, building site or office, but this office is just so beautiful, even when it's raining !
                                                                             This song is beautiful, I shed a tear this morning watching the video & taking in the words.