Sunday, 5 June 2016

This is a letter I received a few weeks back.  

Confidential-Addressee only.

Dear Karl,
Thanks for attending  -----combe Centre on 21/04/2015

You reported that in the future you would like to stop all illicit drug use.

You have managed to not use heroin for over a month although you did smoke cannabis this morning, well done on doing this as the benefits for your health are psychcological, physical, and social.

At present your most risky/harmful behaviour is smoking both tobacco and cannabis which is putting you at risk of COPD.

Today you reported using no illicit heroin, a joint of cannabis this morning and alcohol. You blew 16.6 on the breathalyser which is rather high and means that you are putting yourself in an overdose situation. I believe your recovery worker will be breathalizing you each time she sees you. You presented today looking well. You had a normal mood, you were not psychotic. You were not intoxicated/withdrawing. You did not have any suicidal/+self harm thoughts.

As we agreed cutting down your alcohol consumption would benefit you physically. I believe you can do well in your treatment.

The plan for you and your GP:

1. You will reduce your alcohol consumption.

2. I am prescribing no changes in your medication. Your GP is not prescribing any medication.

3.I have asked your GP not to stat any new presciptions of benzodiazepines, opiod analgesics, hypno-sedatives or sedative psychotropic medication such as anti depressants, anti-psychotics, anxiolytics, anti-convulsants,etc. without discussion with RISE.If they are already prescribing any that I have not mentioned in this letter please let me know. Thanks.

4.You are going to attend all 1:1 appointments with Silvia Rice

5. A Rise prescriber will see you again in 3 months or before as needed.