Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Got to Dash

This is just a quickie before I set off to work.
I'm back working down the harbour even though I said I wouldn't. I suppose I just love the job.
I've thrown out all my injecting kit, but I am smoking gear.
I'm off the booze again.
My love goes out to anyone who reads and also those that don't.


  1. Come on Karl ... thats a cop out :)
    Okay, its all good news and well done, honestly ... but give us a bit more ... love and hugs xx

    1. Hiya mate, A poor effort I know ! I got the sack from the harbour today which I don't really want to talk about now. However I start working at a different job on Monday. I know shit happens but it seems to be happening a lot lately. xx

  2. Shit, that is bad, you've been there for years as well.. maybe tell us about it another time.
    Good thing you have another job to go to, I hope that goes well and things start looking up for you mate. X